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useful things, no. 5

The fifth in an ongoing collection of functional webpages and dork tools (excluding any/all Google programs).

o Lulu.com -- Print books, hardcover or softcover, color or otherwise, with no minimum order. Quick turnaround, too. (Thx, MVB.)
o Zaba.com -- People search. Remember when there was just, like, a phonebook? (Kaw!)
o DownThemAll -- Download all the links on a page with this Firefox extension.
o ZipCar -- The other night, I watched a friend arrange a ZipCar so he could pick up his cousin at the airport. Bloody amazing.
o Hype Machine -- Besides aggregating the latest leaks, the search function is also an easy way to keep up with b-sides, radio sessions, and the like. If only it didn't buffer so often.


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Hi! Just wanted to let you know that your existence is appreciated. I found your blog somehow.

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