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useful things, no. 2

The second in an ongoing collection of functional webpages (excluding any/all Google programs).

Two search tools:
o OneLook Reverse Dictionary -- If getting stuck on a word is like having something stuck between your teeth, the reverse dictionary is pretty decent floss. (Thanks, Mayur.)
o Retrievr -- A prototype, but a pretty cool concept: draw the image you're looking for and see what comes back. I tried drawing distinct frop-pipe smoking Dobbsheads, but it didn't pull anything back. Hopefully, it'll improve. (Thanks, SearchBlog.)

One utility of dubious legality:
o BugMeNot Firefox plug-in -- Last time, I mentioned BugMeNot, a handy site to bypass website registrations. If you use Firefox, this plug-in will apparently automate it for you. (I do use Firefox, but haven't had a chance to try this yet.) (via BoingBoing, of course.)

And a pair of NYC-centric pages:
o Interactive Transit Map -- Okay, so it's enabled by Google (but what isn't these days?). This is an ace way to map your way to unfamiliar corners of the boroughs. (Courtesy o' Kottke)
o NYC Transit Email Notification -- Have the MTA's central robot email you every week to let you know what the deal is with your trains. Especially useful for us shuttle-bus plagued Bourgwickians. (Found this my damn self!)


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