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useful things, no. 4

The fourth in an ongoing collection of functional webpages and dork tools (excluding any/all Google programs).

o Newsroom Navigator -- A veritable almanac of useful links to stuff like telephone directories, government records, reference sources, and tons of other pages, designed for the staff of the New York Times.
o VideoDownloader -- A Firefox plug-in to save streaming videos.
o Audio Hijack -- An application save streaming audio.
o UsersManualGuide.com -- A mind-boggling list of PDFs of users' manuals for just about any piece of equipment you can think of.
o WikiHow.com --"The world's largest how-to manual," they boast, and they might be right. Definitely an interesting use of the wiki. I haven't played with this site too much yet, but it's good to know about. (Thanks, Holly!)


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