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frow show, FMU-27

Detailed playlist (with listening links).

1. The Lemon Drops - "I Live In The Springtime" - Nuggets, v. 4 (Rhino)
2. Strawberry Switchblade - "Trees and Flowers" - Scott 5: Gaylord's 2008 Hanukah mix

3. Boston Spaceships - "Ready To Pop" - Brown Submarine (Guided By Voices Inc.)
4. Shop Assistants - "Before I Wake" - Will Anything Happen (Overground)
5. The Whippets - "Go Go Go With Ringo" - 7-inch (Colpix) [feat. Bibbe Hansen (Beck's momz) and Janet Kerouac (Jack's daughter).]
6. Bill Murray - "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" - Where the Buffalo Roam OST (MCA)
7. Wooden Shjips - "Down By The Sea" - Dos (Holy Mountain)
8. Mistworld - "#2"
9. Kevin Drumm - "Untitled (Disc 2, Track 3)" - Imperial Distortion (Hospital Productions) [feat. "Martian Time Slip" by Philip K. Dick, "Prologue," from 3 Scenes from THE CREATION, Choral Music of Vladimir Ussachevsky, Missa Brevis (Composers Recordings, Inc.); "Magic" by Emeralds, from Solar Bridge (Hanson)]
10. My Cat Is An Alien - "Brilliance in the Outer Space" - From the Earth To The Spheres, v. 1 (Opax) [feat. "Reveil des oiseaux" by Oliver Messiaen from Messiaen Edition, performed by Yvonne Loriod]
11. Mia Doi Todd and Andre Renteria - "Electrafficbirds One" - Morning Music (City Zen)
12. Curle and Thompson Greenwood - "Brother Song" - One Time, One Place

13. Bob Dylan - "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" - Together Through Life (Columbia)
14. Conjunto Bernal - "Para Que Quiero Un Amor" - 15 Early Tejano Classics (Arhoolie)
15. Silver Summit - "Awaken" - Silver Summit (Language of Stone) [feat. "Double Music" by John Cage & Lou Harrison (from Concert Percussion for Orchestra, the Manhattan Percussion Ensemble, Time); excerpts from Live at Houston Hall by Billy Martin & Grant Calvin Weston (Amulet); You Never Heard Such Sounds In Your Life by Milford Graves Ensembe (ESP); O Solo Drumbo by John French (Avant); Sounds of the Ghetto Youth by Montego Joe Har-You Percussion Group (ESP)]
16. Grateful Dead - "The Other One" - One From the Vault (GDM)
17. White - "Roswitha Strunk" - White (Maybe Mars)
18. Uncle Woody Sullender - "A Measure of Dasein" - Live at Barkenhoff (Kunstlerhauser Wopswede/Dead CEO)
19. Mountains - "Melodica" - Choral (Thrill Jockey)
20. Marika Papagika - "Fonias Tha Gino" - Greek Popular and Rebetic Music (Alma Criolla)
21. Shepherds with Shawn Reed - "Side A, Track 2" - Eyes of the World cassette (Not Not Fun)
22. Jimmie Rodgers - "Waiting For A Train" - Hall of Fame
23. Clarence Ashley - "The House Carpenter" - Anthology of American Folk Music (Smithsonian Folkways)
24. Mississippi John Hurt - "Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me"
25. Everly Brothers - "Maybe Tomorrow" - Complete Cadence Recordings (Varese Fontana)
26. Chris Darrow - "Take Good Care of Yourself" - Under My Own Disguise (Everloving)

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