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how jerry got hip (again) mp3 mix

"Turn On Your Lovelight" - Akron/Family (download)
recorded 11/07, UK

My feature, "How Jerry Got Hip (Again)," appears in the current issue of Relix.

Download an accompanying mp3 mix here.

Dead-influenced tunes:
"Ed Is A Portal" - Akron/Family (from Love is Simple)
"Blessing Force" - Akron/Family (from Meek Warrior)
"Lazy Suicide" - Megafaun (from Bury the Square)
"Centermost" - Greg Davis (from Somnia)
"Peacebone" - Animal Collective (from Peacebone)
"Jugband 2000" - Jackie O Motherfucker (from Wow/The Magick Fire Music)
"For Every Field There's A Mole" - Bonnie "Prince" Billy (from Lie Down in the Light)
"The Party's Crashing Me" - Of Montreal (from The Sunlandic Twins)
"Preteen Weaponry, part 1" - Oneida (from Preteen Weaponry)
"The Diamond Sea" - Sonic Youth (from Washing Machine)

Dead covers:
"Stella Blue" (live) - Ween
"Brokedown Palace" - Bonnie "Prince" Billy (from Pebbles and Ripples)
"Cream Puff War" - Oneida (from Heads Ain't Ready 7-inch)
"Turn On Your Lovelight" (live) - Akron/Family (11/2007 UK)
"We Bid You Goodnight" (live) - Animal Collective
"Shakedown Street" (live) - Kevin Barnes (15 March 2008 South by Southwest)
"Ripple" (live) - Yo La Tengo (19 October 2007 Landmark Theater)
"Attics of My Life" - Megafaun (29 April 2008 Union Pool)
"Franklin's Tower" - Meat Puppets (from Meat Puppets I bonus)

Dead references:
"I Saw A Hippie Girl on 8th Ave" - Jeffrey Lewis (from It's The Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through)
"Drug Test" - Yo La Tengo (from President Yo La Tengo EP)
"So Long Jerry" - Ween (from 12 Golden Country Greats sessions)

Greg Davis mix:
One hour DJ-style mix. See PDF.


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Great article!! I have it opened up on my lap presently, and was looking for songs afformentioned. This mix is just what I needed for my Jerry fix.

one question though... any other way you can post that mix? i think the file is corrupted. oh no!!!

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