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the motel party, no. 2

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The motel was on the water, but had two pools anyway -- one on the edge of the parking lot, one inside, just off the lobby -- both devoid of swimmers. Dani filled my room with her room while I waited for Peabody to wake. Hers was in Tokyo, landlocked amid others, mid-block. I lay back on the starched bedspread and imagined as she described it. It was like a spaceship, she said, the capsule-bed she was in. "It's like I'm at the controls. It's totally cool. There's just enough room to sit and eat my Bobby-burger." On the blank walls, the Atlantic lapping at the Massachusetts coast, I imagined her ship parting the grey, a fire trail behind, heading towards unnamed spheres. I told her about my sunburn. I could still feel the warmth there shivering and trying to escape. "I guess it's technically sun poisoning," I said. But she was gone, disconnected, alone in Japan. I wondered if I should knock on Peabody's door again. I slept more, the comfort of a deep lethargy like a warm drizzle blurring the view from my glasses. The motel phone rang, red light blinking. "Whaddya want?" the voice on the other end asked me abruptly.


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