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the todd-o-phonic sound (ylt, night 3)

Yo La Tengo at Maxwell's
6 December 2007
*(Hanukah, night 3)*
The dB's and Eugene Mirman opened.

Mix disc by Todd Abramson.

Nuclear War (Sun Ra)
Five Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck)
The Race Is On Again
Autumn Sweater
The Weakest Part
Mr. Tough
No Water (with Chris Stamey of the dB's on guitar)
I Wanna Be Your Lover (Bob Dylan) (with CS on organ, Gene Holder on guitar, Will Rigby on 2nd drums)
Cast A Shadow (Beat Happening) (with GH and WR on drums)
Don't Have To Be So Sad (with WR)
Tom Courtenay
Styles of the Times
Watch Out For Me, Ronnie
I Heard You Looking (with Joe Puleo on organ)

Heart Full of Soul (The Yardbirds) (with CS)
The Question (Will Rigby) (with WR)
Solitary Man (Neil Diamond) (with Jim James of My Morning Jacket on vocals and guitar)
Secret Agent Man (P.F. Sloan/Steve Barri) (with JJ)
Hard Luck Woman (KISS) (with JJ)

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Great shows so far, and my recordings sound pretty darn good! I look forward to sharing them.

Come say hi to me at the soundboard...

Last night came out amazing. I'll have it posted on my site later tonight.

A complete recording of this night is now available for direct flac download at my site:

I believe that's longtime YLT sidekick Joe Puleo on "I Heard You Looking."

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