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links of dubious usefulness, no. 16

o Thurston Moore on free jazz. (Thx, SoS.)

o The original manuscript proposal for William Gibson's Spook Country. (via BB)

o A wiki-list of ballplayers' entrance music. (So Julio Franco's entrance music really was called "Everybody Get Ready, Jesus Is Coming"...)

o Douglas Wolk on leaked albums. (see also: his great James Brown reviews at Pitchfork.)

o The preview for Michel Gondry's forthcoming Be Kind Rewind:


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In 1998, my buddy and I followed Phish from Houston to Austin to Dallas to Kansas City and finally to St. Louis. At the time, all I wanted was a Mike's. All I got was the finger. All decent shows and a great one in KC, but no Mike's. The night after the St. Louis show, we headed to Busch stadium to see Mark McGwire mash during his juiced up record-breaking season. Matt Morris was on the mound. His intro music? The "Mike's" from Slip Stitch.

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