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frow show, episode 21

Episode 21: Surf's Up...

Listen here.

1. "Let's Go Crazy" - Prince & the Revolution (from Live in Syracuse)
2. "Frow Show Theme" - MVB
3. "Erotic City" - Dump (from That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice?)
4. "Hallelujah the Hills" - Hallelujah the Hills (from Collective Psychosis Begone)
5. "I Think That Echo Finally Fadeed Away" - A Big Yes & A Small No (via myspace.com/abigyesandasmallno)
6. "Return of the Tourist" - Jason Holstrom (from The Thieves of Kailua)
7. "2300 Hawaii" - Yoshinori Sunahara (from Sushi 4004 compilation)
8. "Sad & Lonesome" - RANA (from Here in the USA)
9. "A Life of Possibilities" - Dismemberment Plan (from Emergency & I)
10. "The Thanks I Get" - Wilco (from Sky Blue Sky b-sides)
11. "These Are the Eyes" - Bodies of Water (from Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink)
12. "Should A Cloud Replace A Compass?" - The Circulatory System (from The Circulatory System)
13. "The Dress Looks Nice On You" - Sufjan Stevens (from Seven Swans)
14. "Lazybones" - Soul Coughing (from Irresistable Bliss)
15. "I'll Fly Away" - Johnny Cash (from My Mother's Hymn Book)


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