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"one true vine" - wilco

"One True Vine" - Wilco (download here)
Sky Blue Sky b-side (2007)
(Not sure what this is the b-side to, exactly. Just a free-floater, mayhaps.)

(file expires May 18th)

What lite! If "One True Vine" sounds Jesus-y, it's because it is. "I am the true vine," sez John 15:1. This stands to reason, of course, because the Walrus was Paul and Jeff Tweedy, ergo, must write more mid-tempo ballads. Goo goo gajoob. What's funny -- though maybe not ha-ha funny -- is that the lyrics are fairly consistent with a born again confession. "You set me free from this mighty, mighty fire," Tweedy sings. That doesn't mean it's not a love song, too, though it lacks the songwriter's usual self-deprecating sadness. If it's a sturdy image -- and a good chunk of those Biblical ones are, nice poets them prophets -- I'm not as sure about the song itself. It seems like straight testifyin', but there's nothing majestic about its delivery. No gospel organ solo/whatever. Perhaps it was slotted before "What Light" on the Sky Blue Sky and scratched because it was redemption overload.


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