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wild night

"Wild Night" - Van Morrison (download here)
from Tupelo Honey (1971)
released by Polydor (buy)

(file expires April 15th)

Here's Dad's video for Martha & the Vandellas' version of Van Morrison's "Wild Night." Originally animated for the pre-MTV NBC show Friday Night Videos. (The date at the beginning is incorrect, FWIW, the final credit of the previous clip on the reel.)

see also: Face Film, Cosmic Clock, Yak!


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great vid! gotta love that swagger...

these pieces from your father are really interesting, thanks for sharing! it's cool to note the rich family history, and must be invigorating to see a new venue and medium for these animations.

is that watercolor? did he do the sound effects? was martha ok with that?!?1


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