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"stick your tail in the wind" - summer hymns

"Stick Your Tail in the Wind" - Summer Hymns (download here)
from Voice Brother and Sister (2000)
released by Absolutely Kosher (buy)

Y'know, I don't even know if I like this song. That's not to say anything bad about it, either. We just met. But we definitely had a moment, there, in the subway. It was damp there, and cold, while I was waiting for the train in Greenpoint. Then, this song came on, and brought me somewhere, briefly, completely. Florida, maybe, or someplace like it. It didn't keep me there, though. It was a flash, followed by three perfectly lovely minutes, that -- as I was saying -- I may or may not like. To be honest, I don't even know its name yet. Ah, yes. Nice to know you.


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I flip-flop on the Hymns too, but "Mr. Brewer Cackle Cackle" gets me every time. Sorry we missed you last week man. Never left the island.

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