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"excerpt from Dogbirthed Brother in Eggsack Delicious" - Korena Pang

"excerpt from Dogbirthed Brother in Eggsack Delicious" - Korena Pang (download here)
from AUX (2005)
released by Ideas for Creative Exploration (buy)

(file expires March 13th)

Jeff Mangum's only released post-Aeroplane composition was nestled on last year's AUX, a literally handmade collection of Athens' musical adventurers (also including fellow Elephant 6 conspirators Will Hart, Heather McIntosh, and Hannah Jones). Extreme concrété, it might be more original than Neutral Milk Hotel, if accessible to exponentially fewer people. Beginning with a rolling barrelhouse piano, "Eggsack Delicious" tumbles rhythmically into belches, grunts, robotics, cackles, yodels, yowls (Mangum himself/), accordion, church bells, train whistles, surreal recollections, and bleeps. The utterly musical splicing has the effect of creating a narrative, though it plays more like a lucid dream than a story.

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