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recent articles

"Making 'History' With Nicholas Hytner" (profile of History Boys director, from Paste #27)
"America On-Line" (wunderkammern27.com, a trip to see the Dave Matthews Band in Central Park)
"Engine 27's Rational Amusements" (wunderkammern27.com, feature on the defunct NYC sound art gallery)
Jackin' Pop Ballot & Comments, 2006

Song reviews:
"Suffer For Fashion" - Of Montreal (PaperThinWalls.com)
"Freckle Wars" - Ecstatic Sunshine (PaperThinWalls.com)
"Caledonia" - Ghost (PaperThinWalls.com)
"Welcome To My Room" - Vietnam (PaperThinWalls.com)
"Tas Var Kopek Yok - Bunalim (PaperThinWalls.com)
"The End" - David and the Citizens (PaperThinWalls.com)

Album reviews:
Stages 2 - v/a (JamBands.com)
Love - The Beatles (JamBands.com)
We All Belong - Dr. Dog (Relix)

Live reviews:
Joanna Newsom at Webster Hall, 13 November 2006
Tenacious D at Madison Square Garden, 1 December 2006

Columns and misc.:
BRAIN TUBA: Gratuitous Post-Jamboree #4

Only in print:
o February/March Relix (Lucinda Williams cover): album reviews of Dr. Dog, What's Happening in Pernambuco compilation, and Ghost; book reviews of Best Music Writing 2006 and Show I'll Never Forget anthologies; DVD review of Nirvana.
o Paste #28 (The Shins cover): album review of Of Montreal; film reviews of An Unreasonable Man and Venus.
o Signal To Noise #44 (Comets on Fire cover): album reviews of The Diminisher, Icy Demons, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, and Jean-Claude Vannier.


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