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frow show, episode 12

Episode 12: Dig the ribbit!
Odds & ends & a spot of purdiness.

Listen here

1. "Waitin' For A Train" - Beck (from Stereopathetic Soul Manure)
2. "Frow Show Theme" - MVB
3. "Freckle Wars" - Ecstatic Sunshine (from Freckle Wars)
4. "Masa Depanmu" - Ariesta Birawa Group (from Ariesta Birawa Group)
5. "Princess Knows" - Elf Power (from Treasures From The Trash Heap)
6. "Temptation" - The Sunshine Fix (from The Spiraling World of Pop EP)
7. "Trombone Dixie" - Marbles (from OpticalAtlas.com)
8. "Now She Sleeps in a Box in the Good Soil of Denmark" - David and the Citizens (from David and the Citizens EP)
9. "Wizard's Sleeve" - Yo La Tengo (from Shortbus OST)
10. "I'm Your Puppet" - Yo La Tengo (from Mr. Tough 7-inch)
11. "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" - The Beach Boys (from The Beach Boys' Party)
12. "Verse Chorus Verse" - Nirvana (from No Alternative compilation)
13. "St. Judy's Comet" - Paul Simon (from There Goes Rhymin' Simon)
14. "I'll Keep It With Mine" - Nico (from Chelsea Girls)
15. "Gone Beyond" - Akron/Family (from Meek Warrior)
16. "I'm Of No More Use To Me" - Sam and Simon (from Brudders)
17. "Time Passing" - Max Richter feat. Robert Wyatt (from Songs From Before)


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The Frow Show theme song kicks ass.

This dude wrote it, back in high school.

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