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"i don't wanna leave you on the farm" - ween

"I Don't Wanna Leave You on the Farm" - Ween (download here)
from 12 Golden Country Greats (1996)
released by Elektra (buy)

(file expires September 4th)

My friend Bubba Love once pointed out that -- slowed and stripped down -- Ween's "I Don't Wanna Leave You on the Farm" could be an Elliot Smith song. He's totally right. Specifically, it's the chorus: that mournful, mournful change and the lyrics themselves ("days go by and I'm still high," "leaves fall to the ground, it's a sound that reminds me of you"). Since then, I've wanted to hear it played that way. It's completely typical Ween, able to set real emotion (there are days I can't get enough of the chorus) inside this wholly absurd frame (Ween doing a country album to begin with) with self-consciously juvenile brushstrokes ("I'm alone... on the throne"). That's pretty much Ween at their best.


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