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August 13, 2025

greetings, human!

[Check below for new radio playlists and occasional other missives. I turned off blog comments due to too much spam. Say "hi" by email, if you like.]

I'm Jesse. I'm a writer and a DJ on WFMU. I am writing a biography of Yo La Tengo for Gotham Books. It comes out 5 June 2012, and is called Big Day Coming: Yo La Tengo and the Rise of Indie Rock.

Like George Carlin, I share reservations about "pre"-anything, but you can now order Big Day Coming online at BIGDAYCOMING.net. Shipping in June! Follow @big_day_coming or on Facebook for rare YLT/indie nuggets, playlists, ephemera, and deep cuts.

Some of favorite articles that I've written about music and other topics are here. All episodes of the Frow Show are archived.

A few years ago, I helped assemble a DVD of my father's animation, called Celestial Navigations: The Short Films of Al Jarnow, produced by the Numero Group.

Some pieces I've done have been featured in collections. I've also done a bit of educational writing. There's lots of material scattered around this site, mostly under the category headers on the right-hand column.

I play in a band. You can follow our adventures on Twitter.

Which is also where I'm at most of the time: